Should you get a dash cam for your car?

While it is possible to strap a camera to almost anything, it really is a wise idea if you place one in your automobile. Considering the fact that we see such a variety of demonstrations of incredible idiocy out and about. Isn’t it a good idea to maintain a visual record of what you encounter on the road?

What about that beautiful girl or handsome guy that you saw that you thought would be a perfect model for your next painting? Recorded. What about the numbskull who almost hit you in order to pull a quick but illegal U-turn? Recorded. How about that exquisitely restored antique Thunderbird that you were driving behind? Also recorded. The best part is that now you can share it with your closest companions. The Skunk Ape crossed in front of you at a red light? No way?! Well, with a dash cam you can go viral by putting it on YouTube and become famous around the world.

What exactly is a dashcam? Well, it is a handy little gadget that is precisely what the name infers: a camera that goes on your automobile’s dashboard. In Russia, these gadgets are extraordinarily popular and have captured quite a bit of notorious behavior. One thing that Russians and others around the world have learned is that when auto collisions happen, it is more desirable to have video evidence of what happened than it is to simply have a spoken affirmation in court. Sometimes words can’t do justice to what really happened, while a video of the event can be worth its weight in gold.

Below are given some of the reasons you might want to consider when it comes to owning and mounting a dashcam in your vehicle.

Driving Accidents

Getting into a pile up is one of the most exceedingly frustrating things that could possibly happen to a driver. In the event that nobody is truly harmed, then the bickering begins. “You pulled out in front of me!” “You swerved too far!” “You hit your brakes too hard!” “I’m calling my legal advisor!”

By no means do you want to be in this situation if you can avoid it. You need to maintain a strategic distance from the greater part of this babble. Introducing the evidence from a dashcam can help you avoid numerous legal problems and headaches by giving you an actual recording of the events. This will go a long way in helping you defend yourself if you are the defendant or toward proving your case if you are the plaintiff in a legal dispute.

Insurance Fraud

Having a mishap happen with a pedestrian is one of the most feared accidents of any driver. It can happen all too easily when you hit a major pothole on the way home in the evening and swerve onto the sidewalk. Instantly, you get a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach. You think you’ve just hit a man walking his dog on the sidewalk. Well, if you get a dash cams video, at least you can prove that you were driving defensively because of the city’s negligence in getting that pothole filled.

What’s more, believe it or not, there are individuals out there who deliberately attempt to get hit by approaching traffic—they’re all too happy to tell a lie and say they received a broken leg or severely twisted an ankle so they can get a fat paycheck from your insurance company. If you have a video from a dash cam, then your insurance company can show the fraud being attempted and help keep you from having to pay higher rates because of a fraudulent claim.

Parking Mishaps

In some cases, the most perilous spot for your vehicle is when it is parked in a garage. When you leave your automobile unattended—whether in a downtown parking garage or in your own driveway—you have no clue what could transpire. The great thing about dash cams is that they can still be recording when you take the key out of the ignition. Since numerous models are powered by long-life batteries, these cameras can keep on rolling while you’re away.

So whether you just want to record the beautiful things you encounter on the road or you really understand the legal protection benefits dash cams can offer, you really ought to consider mounting one in your automobile.


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