Today’s Limo Services: A Myriad of Special Features



The limo-driven business is booming everywhere, but in Canada things have truly taken off. According to one 2014 reporting agency in Ottawa, as an important part of Canada’s transportation industry, almost C$1.2 billion was spent by Canadians on limousine services. Moreover, limo drivers typically averaged about 105 trips weekly as they chauffeured their passengers to their various destinations.

However, as an industry, limousine service also evolves as time passes, and trends come and go. That being said, today there’re certain new requirements that need to be met if one intends to stay competitive in the limousine service sector.

The Winds of Change Are Blowing

A willingness to embrace a changing industry and re-position itself in a modern environment, is vital in the world of limo services. Years ago, a Lincoln Town Car sent certain people into a kind of trans-like vision. Not so today. Rather, today’s demand for luxury falls into the sector of luxury SUVs with a customer-driven focus.

In addition, the latest kid on the proverbial block, Uber-like competition in the form of black car service, has posed a greater threat to traditional chauffeur-driven services than ever before.

Whatever The Consumer Wants, The Consumer Gets

Being that consumer demand that drives an industry, the demands of this industry are getting greater each day. Extra features are what the consumer is looking for, and that’s what the limousine service industry will have to provide–quickly. Some of those features now include:

– Frequent rider discount rewards
– Extra large-sized limousines for in-auto party celebrations
– Full service bars and snack bars
– Large-sized movie screens
– Special winter wedding packages
– Live dispatch services–24/7
– Airport transportation
– Airport transportation to and from actual heliports or private airplane runways
– Emergency standby black car service on request
– A growing trend towards “green” electric or hybrid cars
– Bullet-proof glass and limo armor
– Satellite GPS, Internet and S.O.H.O equipment
– Latest-breaking smartphone technology devices and apps

Furthermore, some companies offer specially-devised packages for certain holidays such as St. Valentine’s Day. “See the latest play with your date at the theater,” or “Have a late dinner at a 4-star restaurant,” are some of the newest promotions offered to their customers.

Whatever the case may be, limousine companies in Canada, whether large fleets or small-sized companies of less than five vehicles on call at any one time, are today facing stiff competition. They’ll need strategies to modify, re-adapt and advance into the future with an ever-increasing demand for tech-driven and consumer-driven features.