Why You Should Buy A Honda

From its extensive fleet to its incentive program and its allure, there are plenty of reasons to purchase Honda. Here is why you should upgrade your ride with this highly irresistible brand.

Honda has gone beyond government regulations and developed new safety technologies through studying real-world situations. It has an exclusive body design that enhances the protection of the occupants. In it is also crash compatibility that plays a great role in frontal collisions. The science behind the compatibility is that it helps in distributing crash energy evenly in the entire front part of the vehicle. Every model of the brand is equipped with multiple threshold front airbags. The airbags protect the driver and the passengers in events of collisions. Some models come with SmartVent front side airbags as well as curtain airbags accompanied by rollover sensors. With it, you also have a better view given that each model comes with multi-angle rearview cameras. It’s Lane departure Warning is useful in detecting unindicated lanes. It alerts the driver immediately through sounds and flashes making it easy to correct the lane drift. Also, it comes fully packed with an FCW-Forward Collision Warning that detects any close vehicles in the rear. Whenever the FCW detects the possibility of a collision, it immediately sends warnings by alerting the visual and audio alerts. Should you fail to respond to the warning alerts, the Collision Mitigation Braking System applies brake pressure immediately.

A history of reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction
Since 1963, Honda has been known to produce high performing and lasting engines. Reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction have been three major philosophies of the brand. In order to achieve and maintain legendary customer satisfaction, the company has worked closely with Honda dealships. In fact, most people recommend this brand for its perceived reliability over rivals. It often ranks highly in consumer reports, suggesting that it is highly reliable. More so, it bears the most fuel efficient vehicles and is constantly working on new technologies for a greener line-up. That makes it a great choice since it is also designed to last long. In the 1970’s and the 1980’s, many car owners defected from their domestic brands for this brand. To date, many of them are satisfied that it is still one of the best in the automotive industry. All the brand needs is thorough maintenance and the owner can expect the car to last past the 100, 000-mile mark.

Whether you want a small car such as the compact Fit or a large one for eight like the Odyssey, there is a model for every driving style and situation. Honda comes with the right size for practically every family. So far, it has 11 base models including the cross-over, the compact, the mini-van, the luxury, truck, and the SUV. Each of them has a wide variety of fuel, fit, and finish options, the more reason to own one today.