How to Negotiate Your Speeding Ticket

From the moment when you heard the sirens start to blare, you had a feeling in the pit of your stomach that you were about to receive a speeding ticket. Now that the ticket is yours and you have a court date scheduled, you are interested in fighting your speeding ticket. While a guarantee does not exist that you’ll reduce the cost, you can try.

Accept the Consequence
If you receive a speeding ticket in the future, you should not fight with the police officer who assigns you the ticket. In many situations, the officer is required to come to court on the date that you attend. The officer may also have the power to recommend a lesser fine. Imagine that you are sitting in your car arguing with and yelling at the officer; consider whether you would suggest a reduction if you were in his or her place.

Review Your Ticket
Before you even enter into a courtroom, you should start by reviewing your ticket to make sure that the information is accurate. For example, you may see that the incorrect license plate number or address was written down. While inaccurate information is not necessarily an easy path out of a speeding ticket, it could potentially help your case. Also, you should check to evaluate whether the clocked speed is accurate or not.

Concisely State Your Case
When you had a reason for speeding, you should clearly and concisely state it in court when you are asked to do so. It is possible that you were rushing to the emergency room because of a call you just received about a relative or friend. Still, you may not receive an entire pardon for your speeding, but you may see a reduction in the fine that you have to pay.

Use Your Driving Record
You should make sure that a clear and accurate report of your driving record is available for you to present if needed. Individuals who have amassed a number of tickets through the years are likely to see less mercy in sentencing than a person who has a clear driving record.

Do Not Whine
Some people begin to whine, beg and plead when they go to their court date. This behavior is unlikely to help you. Enter into the courtroom accepting that you may need to pay the entire fine. You did break the speeding law, so you may need to pay for it. Maintaining reasonable expectations can make for a smoother experience.

Chances are that you do not want to pay the full amount on your speeding ticket. You can use some approaches to bring that amount down and to possibly even avoid receiving points on your license.