What You Need To Know About the ICBC Law in Canada

Wherever you live in Canada, it’s more than likely that you need a car to get from point A to point B in the course of your day. People who live in small towns and generally more rural areas need vehicles than city dwellers since there are fewer transportation options in the countryside than in the major cities like Vancouver. Whether you drive in a big city or you are a small town person, and all your business activities are rural-based, you need protection from financial losses in the event of an accident. Car accidents can have devastating impacts on the life of an individual or a family/families involved.

What Is ICBC?

ICBC or the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia provides auto insurance coverage for British Columbia residents, in addition to vehicle registration and the issuance of drivers’ licenses in the province. The ICBC provides auto insurance in British Colombia via contractual agreements with various auto insurance providers in the country. Inhabitants of British Columbia are required by law to have some level of ICBC coverage.

What Are The Types Of Auto Insurance Coverage Options Offered By ICBC?

The ICBC basic auto insurance coverage provides protection from financial losses resulting from inverse liability, hit and run, third party legal obligations, and various incidences that arise from car accidents. Other companies that offer car insurance companies offer additional coverage on top the primary ICBC coverage to add another layer of protection in the form of collision and comprehensive plans. Any vehicle driven on the roads or parked on the streets of British Columbia is required to carry primary ICBC insurance. ICBC settlements include damages resulting from any of the following:

• Out of pocket expenses arising from an accident.
• Loss of amenities of life and suffering and pain resulting from a car accident.
• The loss of income due to failure to attend work after an accident.
• Loss of the capacity for housekeeping.
• The expenses that may arise from future care.

If you are involved in a car accident and would like to file a claim with ICBC, you are most likely going to need an ICBC lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. Records show that ICBC claims submitted without the help of an attorney result in lower pay-out amounts. Filing for ICBC claims with the help of an ICBC lawyer results in better ICBC settlements, which is by far the best coverage option for British Colombian residents. More information can be found if you visit the Preszler Law Firm website.