4 Qualities to Look for in Trucking Companies

The efficiency and reliability of the Canadian trucking company you choose can make or break your business. It is important for you to vet trucking companies before you bring them on board. Here are 4 qualities to look for.

1. Manpower and equipment

Manpower and equipment will determine the efficiency of the transportation company. If they are short staffed, they will take longer to deliver. This means disappointing your customers or losing your clients altogether. If shipping is part of your core business, you cannot afford to compromise on the manpower and equipment when it comes to freight services. When interviewing trucking companies, ask them about the loading options they have. The two common ones are palletized and loose. Palletized loading is faster and more secure. They need to have the right equipment to complement this loading option. The loose option requires manual handling. This calls for more manpower to get the job done. These are some of the logistics that you must carefully assess based on your loading and freight needs.

2. Load size

Load size is another key consideration when selecting a transportation company. There are trucking companies that only allow for partial loads while others have the capacity to handle full-size loads. There are also instances when you may need both load sizes. As such, you will need a company that can offer both. It is cumbersome and expensive to have to outsource for two companies to handle your freight needs. Choosing one reliable company ensures that your load arrives at the same time and you can focus on other issues instead of worrying about the goods on transit. Visit Fortigo Freight Services if you would like to learn more.

3. Tracking systems and technology

Today, technology allows for you to monitor and track your goods while in transit. It is also important for the trucking company management to monitor the trucks. Professional tracking companies will have GPS tracking systems. Many of these companies also use a close-range radio that can help to take inventory of the content in the warehouse. These results are then updated to a customer feed in real time. Tracking is also a security measure to ensure that only authorized drivers are handling the transportation. When selecting freight services, inquire about their monitoring technology and the information you can expect when your goods are en route.

4. Good reputation

A company that is worth its salt will be highly reputable. You need to check for reviews from people who have enlisted their freight services before. If a company has a reputation for delays and mishandling goods, then you cannot expect quality services from them. Experience in the freight business can also point to reliability.

Choosing a transportation company cannot be taken lightly. Your goal should be to find a reliable company that you can work with in the long haul.