Top 4 Affordable Toyota cars

Getting an affordable vehicle in Canada is not difficult. People may want to buy new cars, but it is often the cost that puts them off. However, some car brands offer both quality and affordability. Toyota is one such brand. It is no wonder that most people prefer it all over the world. This article gives a list of the top four affordable Toyota cars in the Canadian market.

1. Yaris Hatchback

Toyota Yaris is a cute, three-door car that has a five-speed manual transmission, electric steering, cushion airbags, power locks, intermittent wipers, air conditioning, stability control, folding rear seats and power windows among other amazing features. The Yaris models have 1.5L cylinder engine. Moreover, the engine is flexible. Additionally, the vehicle has a 6.1-inch display color display. The car goes for $ 15,250- $18,000. Buyers who have the Yaris model are in a better position since they will save money on fuel.

2. Corolla iM

The corolla model is yet another option for buyers on a budget. It has a five-door hatchback. The car is designed to provide the customers with fun. It has an engine that can carry 1.8 L with a 137 horsepower. Furthermore, the car comes with six-speaker pioneer sound system, rear backup camera, dual zone air, and folding rear seats. In addition, it has a safety feature such as anti-lock brakes, traction control, airbags, and a hill start-up function. The price ranges from $18,750 – $19,490 and is no doubt the best vehicle choice.

3. Prius C

The Prius C comes with features such as low rolling resistant tires, 15-inch alloy wheels, pedestrian protection and radar-controlled control system and a pre-collision warning system. It has a quiet interior and fuel economy. The Prius C goes for $20,150-$24,965. There is no doubt that the price is pocket-friendly. The car offers the customer an affordable way to enjoy driving around town. As such, one can enjoy the luxury that comes with driving a car while at the same time saving on cost.

4. Camry

Finally, the Camry has made it to the list of affordable Toyota cars. An individual who buys this vehicle model will benefit from the fact that it is spacious and comfortable. It has a 3.5L V6 or the 2.4L 4-cylinder engine. Some of it’s it amazing features include automatic headlights, Bluetooth hands-free, keyless entry, adjustable driver’s seat, a backup camera, power windows, air conditioning, 6.1-inch touchscreen camera. The price ranges from $23,070 – $31,370. Therefore, the customers can rest easy that they get value for their money by purchasing this car model. All one has to do is just visit the nearest car dealerships to get this vehicle.