First 5 Things to Remember after an Accident

If you have been in a car accident, here are the first 5 things to remember in order to protect any potential ICBC Law claim you may have. If you remember these things, you will protect yourself, either as a potential plaintiff or defendant.

1. Gather Evidence

Assuming you are able to do so, you should remember to gather and secure evidence on your person and at the site of the accident. If you can, take pictures of any skid marks and of the vehicle(s) involved. Also, do not discard your clothes and keep them in the same condition they are in at the time of the accident. If there are witnesses, get their names, phone numbers and addresses.

2. Take Care of Yourself

If you are injured, seek medical attention immediately. Even if you do not seem injured, it is still good practice to have a doctor check you out for any potentially latent injuries. This really is of utmost importance as some injuries do not manifest themselves at the outset of an accident.

3. Remain Quiet

Do not admit fault. PERIOD. Whatever you do, say nothing about what happened or who is at fault, especially do not say anything that suggests you are admitting fault for the accident.

4. Check your Social Media for Risk

Remember that picture you posted of a night out on the town. You know, the one where you are holding a beer in the car. Or did you forget about that message you sent on Facebook where you told a friend that you totally blew that red light on the day of the accident. That evidence could torpedo your case. I am not suggesting that you destroy or delete that potentially damaging evidence. That would be obstruction, but you should at least be aware of what is out there. And also be mindful of your communications following any accident and their harm to your ICBC Law claim. Visit Preszler Law and learn more information from the available resources.

5. Hire a Lawyer

Ultimately, each ICBC Law case is unique. As such, you must contact and hire a lawyer that can (and will) guide and navigate you through the complex process. After you contact a doctor and take care of yourself, this should be your second call in the process. Your doctor may even be able to refer you to a good lawyer for your case.

This is just a partial list. And it is not in order of importance. Again, each situation is different. But this common sense list gives you a good framework if you are in a car accident. A good lawyer will give you a list of tasks to execute following any accident. After taking care of yourself, you should contact a lawyer to help you out.