Hosting a Drive Wise Presentation

Hosting a Drive Wise Presentation

Individuals and groups across Ontario are encouraged to host to a Drive Wise presentation. The process is fairly simple. How to get startedAlthough there are no strict guidelines on the advance time required to organize a Drive Wise presentation, getting the ball rolling at least 3 months before a preferred dates is advised. 1. Select a room or hall that would be suitable for a presentation. 2. Select three desired dates and times and forward them to or…

Who do I contact to become a host of a Drive Wise seminar?

If you would like to host a free Drive Wise seminar for your group or community, please contact James Pasternak at 416-398-8257 or email:….

Is Drive Wise available in Provinces other than Ontario?

Yes. Currently Drive Wise is offered in Ontario and Newfoundland. If you would like to host a presentation in either of these provinces, please contact us at 416-398-8257 or If you would like to attend a Drive Wise presentation, please visit us at and view upcoming presentations. …